Succubus Chicks Love Happy Hour!

My editor emailed another blurb just the other day, which is f**king incredible, and I still can't believe I get to do all this, and it's insane. This one's from Richelle Mead, the other shining star of sexy demon lit, and author of the brand spanking new YA, VAMPIRE ACADEMY. I think she's trying for her own altar (Jackie beware) with this one:

"Sexy, funny, and twisted. You've never read anything like this!"

Tee hee hee. I'm being driven to madness by these compliments. To madness. Thanks so much, Richelle.

That deserves some pimping. And, because I forgot with Jackie's blurb, I'm puttin' her to work, too.


Jackie said…
Aw. You're a sweetie.

Richelle's latest book, VAMPIRE ACADEMY, hits the shelves today. Go buy it! :)