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Top Ten Horror Movies of 2017

Let me start by saying, I watched a metric shit-ton of horror movies this year. I don't have an actual count, but my estimate is upwards of ninety. NINETY. Now, normally, even with that large a pool to pick from, I'd still have a hard time coming up with a top ten, as so many--so very many--are pure creamed crap. Not so in 2017. I had to shave off a good five (so stick around for the honorable mentions). On with the shoooooo... 10. From the trailer, there didn't seem to be much hope for HAPPY DEATH DAY. A seemingly derivative premise done up with sorority girls instead of Bill Murray couldn't possibly be good, right? Wrong. Turns out it was fucking fun. Due in no small part to a star turn by Jessica Rothe as a sorority meanie who learns to be a decent human being by getting killed a whole bunch of fucking times. I waffled on DEATH DAY's rank, but there was never an option of dropping it from a best of list. 9. HELL HOUSE LLC came out of left field. I

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