Eight Days in the Making

Last weekend, I checked my email after the PNWA conference and what did I find? Why an author's name over in the from section, and my book title in the subject line. Holy shit! So what did it say, you ask? Well only this:

"Gruesome, ghoulish and utterly groundbreaking. Mark Henry is daring and
scathingly funny."
--Jackie Kessler, author of HELL'S BELLES

Uhhhh. Uhhhhhh. Uhhhhh.

**quivers in ecstacy**

For those of you who don't know, Jackie is a fellow paranormal author, her protagonist is a succubus that moonlights in a certain field involving g-strings and poles (both kinds).

Jackie and I have never talked before, but oddly, now, I love her. I'm building an altar to her in the corner of my office. Blessed be.


Stacia said…
It's not odd to love Jackie. She rocks.
Mark Henry said…
NO Stace. I'm in love with her. Who knew a blurb was all that was required?
Joe said…
As one fully acquainted with blurb love let me say I know exactly how you feel. There is no equivalent this side of adolescence. The phrase "all a-twitter" is not inappropriate.
Stacia said…
My feelings are hurt, Mark.
Mark Henry said…
I'm sorry Stace. It's not you, it's me. I'm a blurbslut. I've only known for about eight days.

I feel free.
Jackie said…
Ooh, I get an altar! Is there chocolate involved?

Hey -- hi, December!

(Dang, teh interwebs is a small place. I swear, I wouldn't be surprised to find my mom here somewhere...)
Mark Henry said…
Speak of her and she appears.

**glances at altar, candles still burning**

Thanks again!
Jackie said…
My pleasure!

Now, if you manage to get Matt Damon on the altar, dripping with chocolate...well, major goodness would ensue. (At least, on my end.)