A New (Old) Book is on its Way!

CLUMSY GIRL is coming soon!

Justine Crenshaw has a secret kink. One so unusual, she must keep it under wraps…literally. She fetishizes bruises. Pink ones, blue ones, a filagree of purple patterns covers her body. People call her accident prone, a clumsy girl. But in Justine’s world, her fumbling, her pratfalls, are no simple accidents…they’re opportunities.

Her liasons are few and far between. Shadowy, sordid encounters with questionable men. Justine tries not to think about their motives, doesn’t care if they understand hers. As long as they can deal with her kink during down-and-dirty sex, she’s good-to-go.

But when she meets Nathan, her heart starts demanding more than empty sex and her secret becomes a hindrance to a future she never even knew she wanted. Try as she might, Justine can’t keep him in the dark. But no “normal” guy could possibly understand her. 

Or could he?

The time has come for this “clumsy” girl to set her fears aside and shine a light on her true desires.

Originally released in 2010 as Stocking Full of Coal, Clumsy Girl is a hilariously kinky erotic romance full of hot sex, secret societies and, of course, bruises of every color.

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