Oh the Romantical Times We'll Have

In less than 48 hours, I'll be hauling my ass out of bed at zero-dark-thirty and traveling to the crescent city for the RT Booklover's Convention. I'll be hanging with fans, friends and sazeracs, so if you want to catch me, I look like this...

Please refrain from peeing on me in the gutter, I'm only bringing one suitcase so I'll likely have to wear those urine-fresh clothes to the book fair. Honestly, I can't tell you how excited I am, NOT because I enjoy going to panels (though I hope you do, because I'd love to see you all at mine), NOT because I'm a fan of vampire balls or group activities, but because for the last several RTs I've been out of action and that time away has turned me into a goddamn hermit.


Here's where you come in! If you're attending the RT Booklover's Convention, when you register you'll be given a bag to carry around all the beads you get from flashing your tits or snootch or whatever it is you'll inevitably show the drunken frat boy (don't worry he won't remember and his pictures always turn out blurry), but deep in that bag you'll find this badboy...

A group of my writer buds and I have banded together (like flotsam after a devastating cruise ship disaster) and are doing an awesome ass promo! Each of those circles represents a flashy pin that upon request you may scavenge from the author. Collect them all and you could win a Kindle Fire HDX (that's the best kind!). Just follow the directions and then point yourself toward the bar, you're certain to find one of us there (if not all)!!!


Okay, so obviously we won't always be in the bar, but I'll be...places. 

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David Skeehan said…
Greaat blog you have