Happy Day Thing Rationale and Thing Number One

It's 2017 and despite wishing for sweet sweet death to take us before the next four years of horror reduces each and every one of us to dried out husks blowing in the arctic winds of a non-existent climate disaster, we're still here. Now. We could go on reliving the grand tortures of 2016 and lamenting the death of democracy and the rise of fascism and Kardashians and interpersonal connection.


We could try to embrace those little things in life that make us happy. Cheeses of the world. Pleasant fast food employees. Unexpectedly smooth bowel movements. 

This year, in an effort to block news of the self-serving actions and blatant inanity of our bright shining oligarchy, I'll be bringing you at least one magical Happy Day Thing!

Today's Happy Day Thing: A brand spanking new video from everyone's favorite club kid, Chloe!

What's your Happy Day Thing?


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His latest work, FATHOMS, is a kinky tale of vikings, revenge and sea monsters!

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rissatoo said…
Thanks for sharing your silly Happy Day thing, Mark. :)
I'm at work, and I'm just glad the video was over (& my giggling stopped) by the time my boss walked in... I may have to watch more "Chloe" later. ;)
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