Thursday, August 29, 2013

Seafoam: Available NOW!

Jeremy, an infamous foot fetishist doomed to the quirkiest 12-step group ever, falls off the wagon spectacularly when he meets Beverly. She is a "beneather", one of an alien species living alongside us after rising from the depths of the ocean. She is perfect for Jeremy. Smart. Beautiful. Great feet. But does Beverly's reciprocation smack of a sinister and slimy secret? Will Jeremy's probation officer revoke his freedom before he meets a bitter, sweaty end? And more importantly, did someone remember to bring donuts and coffee to the 12-step group?

In this short tale of aliens, foot fetishism and life choices gone horribly awry, Mark Henry returns to his roots, stirring up comedy and horror, muddling in a little sex and serving it up ice cold.

Buy now for just 99 cents!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Great and Secret Contest*: Carniepunk

On this past Sunday, I gigantic bug crawled up in my ass and beseeched that I create some interest in both this website, my newsletter and my brand new facebook page. Albeit uncomfortable (as I'm pretty sure said bug is currently laying eggs), it has a point. My site has been so dormant that I've had to switch back to Blogger because something happened to it in the years since I've updated and I can no longer access the damn thing, but I at least could figure out how to redirect traffic here, so I'm probably not going to be eaten from the inside. Or maybe I will.

I'm clearly hinting at a contest. And so, I'll get on with that.

In the coming months, you're going to be hearing a lot more out of me. Certain things I'm sworn to secrecy about *cough* sicko romance *cough* while others (the return of a certain trio of supernaturally snarky assholes), I have no gag order on, so...that's happening. But at this point, it's like a tree falling in the woods--no one can hear it--so I'm trying to get the word out. And I have...


I'm giving away two downloads of the Carniepunk audiobook. I've listened to it and it's amazing, not least of all because Candace Thaxton, the actress who reads my story The Sweeter the Juice, nailed the snark to the wall like a juicy hunk of roadkill. I loved it and I know you will, too! In addition, I've got a paperback copy of Carniepunk to throw in the mix.

That's THREE chances to win! Plus more, because you'll get an entry for liking my Facebook fan page and an entry for signing up for my newsletter (see that form up there on the left hand side under the social media icons? Yep. That's the form).

So let's get to this.


I'm pretty sure the downloads can be international so at least a portion of this bad boy will be for everybody, but the paperback will be domestic only (cuz dayum that shit's expensive to send). The contest will run for a month, so until September 22nd at 12:00 PM PST.


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*10 points for the reference (but no actual extra entries because I'm a stingy bastard)