Friday, September 26, 2008

Wouldn't It Be Weird?

To have your life documented on film as a child and that show up on youtube after you'd achieved some measure of notoriety...or not. I'm thinking about those British documentaries 7-Up, 14-Up and so on and so on. Remember those? We had to watch them for my graduate program and they really are interesting and intrusive and sometimes uncomfortable. Watching these normal kids grow up into some fucked-up adults (in some cases).

So yesterday, I was goofing off as I'm wont to do and I came across this Oprah clip...

...which is touching in a rich latch-key kid kind of way. So it's surprising that this little girl is actually Chantal Claret from Morningwood.

And here they are performing Easy...

What can I say? My procrastination knows no bounds.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


First up, I got my blog on over at the League. It's all about brains and zombies and poop stains. Whatever. It's officially the end of my blog rut. Cuz it's all gross and I likes it. So check it out. Next week, Jeanne Stein will be swinging by for a fun little chat they may or may not end in death and dismemberment. Then again...

Are y'all twittering?

Cuz I totally am.

Come on down!!!

Also, as you may have heard, TEAM SEATTLE is doing a friend drive. Why not stop by either our Facebook or Myspace and show us some love, we'll gladly return the favor--cuz we're cheap like that. And Jesus Christ on a cracker, leave a comment or three or seven. We loves us some comments.

I'm a bit chipper just now, because I heard back from my Mom. She just finished Road Trip of the Living Dead and loved it (well as much as a mother can love hot necrophilia, homeless masochists, smarmy chthulu and GORE). Her words: "Much smoother than the first, funnier."

Then she was off raving about J.R. Ward and Colleen Gleason. Dark Lover this, The Rest Falls Away that. I'm going to stop supplying that woman with books, I swear to God.

One more thing. I'm kinda lovin' Uh Huh Her. Maybe it's the unicorn.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Take a Spin on the Blog-o-Whirl!

Two weeks, people. I suck. So this might be a longish guilt-driven exploration of the end of my summer vacation, if I'd actually had a summer vacation rather than a summer of procrastination and then feverish catch-up for deadlines. Potato, potatoe.

Let's start with Terri's visit.

For those who don't know, Terri is an awesome friend, I met through Dakota and Michele. She's helping me with the horrific and gargantuan task of reimagining my website (which will be happening soon and I'm intent on adding tons of fun content like Amanda's club reviews and a gossip vlog from Wendy--if it all works out right).

So Terri was travelling all over the place like a vagabond and ended up in Seattle, so I had to roll out the red carpet. She brought along her friend Tate (who's shown up in another Terri post, if you'll remember). Here's some of the stuff we did...

Sat in traffic. There's nothing quite as "Seattle" as sitting in traffic. It doesn't matter what time of day you visit, I'll always be able to arrange this particular memory. It's primarily because the geniuses at the Dept. of Transportation thought it'd be a good idea to take a four lane freeway and gradually decrease it to 2 lanes as you get closer in to the city. Insanity.

Our first real stop was Pike Place Market, which is always bustling and touristy and such. We tried to capture the Seattleness that is the fish throwing but people didn't understand that the mongers only throw fish that have been bought, so there were people standing around waiting and mongers standing around waiting and then...

This guy stalls out in front of us, because he couldn't get through on his Little Rascal (apparently that's the button that makes the magic happen). Um...I have to admit, I took like three shots of him, but now i can't think of anything funny about it. People may think that Pike Place is this open air extravaganza because that's what you see on TV, but primarily it's a rickety old mall that unveils itself down an array of staircases and ramps that lead further and further in to the bowels. Where you can smell pee and buy such sought after home decor items as...

...and Box-O-Knives...

Here's Terri and Tate standing out of the way of the herds...

Next stop--after a brief tour of the downtown area where we found a block full of day laborers, right after I told Terry I didn't think we had an area full of day laborers (I was woefully uninformed, though oddly pleased)--was the Ballard Locks and the hunt for Hershel the Hungry Sea Lion (seen here, yet again escaping my keen papparatic skill (yes, I know, I just invented the word)...

Every damn time. It was the seagulls fault though. Hershel couldn't eat his Salmon in peace, they kept dive bombing him. We decided ultimately that the Locks suck. Even with a full lock of boats, the water elevator is so anticlimactic that we could see ourselves aging. There's only one cure for boring tourism and that's chocolate. We hauled ass to Theo's an awesome artisanal organic chocolate factory in Fremont, where we took a tour in exchange for fee chocolate. Unfortunately, we were coaxed into tasting the cocoa nibs...

Dear God, "nibs" do not taste like chocolate anymore than coffee beans taste like coffee. And despite what you might think, we didn't get a ride down the fuckin' chocolate river. I wanted to bust up the place once I found that out.

Additionally, we were surrounded by tour-goers that were totally invested in the idea of cruelty-free chocolate. Now, I don't know about you, but I could really get behind some child-labor chocolates, particularly if that's what it said on the label. Embrace it!!! Anything for tasty sweets.

We picked up Synde and headed for our rendezvous with Ms. Richelle Mead...

...who showed up just in time for some cruelty-free mojitos...

And then all was right with the world. Had a great time with Ter and Tate and look forward to Tate showing up at some of our events, which she'll do, lest she be judged, viciously.

Had another author event last weekend, Lauren Dane (seen here ignoring the adorable Ciara) celebrated a year of caffeine-fueled productivity (though from the amount she wrote, I suspect someone was chasing the dragon).

You probably know Lauren from her dirty watching of the porno with fellow author Megan Hart at Bring Me My Hookah. We gorged ourselves on Eggplant Parmesan and an assortment of pastas, chianti and basil mojitos. Much gossiping ensued and I met up with a friend from High School, who I hadn't seen since graduation (Hey Christina!). Here's the big group shot of the people who survived until the end...

Caroline took the shot and noticed that Lauren's husband was watching us like we were insane. Like we were practicing for the papparazzi or something. Which, of course, we are.

I'll leave you with this obligatory Cherie-guilted animal image. I give you Linzey begging for food at dinner...

Do with it what you will.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Blogging about Blogging...

Over at The League of Reluctant Adults. Won't you join me in my misery?

Also. Sorry about not being around much. My internet access has been fucking up royally. I can barely get an email out without losing connection. I'll figure it out, but 'til then. I guess I'll be sporadic.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm Really In It...

Did y'all see Garden State? Do your remember the scene where Zach Braff was in the tub with Natalie Portman and she looks at him and says, "You're really in it." Hmm?

Well, I'm there.

Bogged down in a to-do list that seems endless and over-extending myself as usual. It kind of explains why I haven't been touching base as much, though, there is this...

But I've got a guest blog due on Friday that I haven't started it. Primarily because I have no clue what I want to write about or what people would even be interested in. So, I'm asking for help. Reaching out.

What would you like me to blog about?

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Ghost Blog and Stuff!

1. Caroline and I went on a ghost hunt. Check out the evidence over at the League.

2. I've been watching tons of PBS and Agatha Christie mysteries. Call it research for Book 3 of the Amanda Feral series wherein I mingle an English country murder mystery with reality show skanks and puffy nipple fat. While watching an episode of the Mrs. Bradley Mysteries (which is awesome, by the way--Diana Rigg can do no wrong), guess who popped up at a private school music teacher? The Doctor. David Tennant was looking really young, too.

3. My hunger for Dragon Con pix has been sated. Thank you Marianne Mancusi and Jeanne Stein. And can I just say...Baltar!!!

4. Santogold tickets go on sale in three hours. I'm so there!

5. Is anyone else hoping the Fringe is the new X-Files?

Monday, September 01, 2008

Glamazombies Activate!

For those of you who aren't members of the Glamazombies (the yahoo group devoted to all things Amanda, sick humor and procrastination), I probably should mention that we've been known to get together and hang out. Usually this happens in conjunction with some convention but last week there was a convergence on my turf.

On Tuesday, Kit Kittredge (seen here flipping the bird just like the American Girl she is) and I drove up to the new and improved Southcenter Mall (you may know it as the Westfield Shopping Town--I refuse to call it that on the grounds it sounds insane) to meet Terri, her friend Tate and Rachel from Bitten-By-Books. I can't remember the place where we ate, but they had Pomegranate mojitos that tasted exactly like soda! Why are those going to cause me to blow a liver? I can't resist the siren call of their deliciousness.

Who could?

Terri, apparently, twisted Tate's screws to read Happy Hour of the Damned (in stores now) before we met and I was relieved that she had a good time with my zombie skanks. Rachel was her usual sarcastic self so you know I appreciated that. Here's Terri and Tate now.

For those not in the know, Terri is traveling all over the place dropping in on her favorite peeps (yep. I'm one). Right before us, she paid a visit to Dakota Cassidy and Michele Bardsley for some maniacal Rock Band gaming (you can check that shit out on her blog). Personally, I'd have to be loaded to play that game...or alone. The singing in public is not my favorite.

It was a short visit with the ladies as Ter had to keep moving on up to Canada (she'll be back for another action packed photoblog later this month). Afterward, Caitlin and I hit the Barnes and Noble in Tukwila where a RAUCUS reading of Supernatural Witch's Canyon commenced. I'm not sure it was appreciated by everyone, but Kit does a hell of a Dean impersonation. We did get to visit our books, Caitlin's newest, Pure Blood was on the shelves and is likely on your local bookstore's, as well. Might I suggest you check that out, poste haste?

On Friday, Caroline and I met up with Virginia, her husband Pete and Synde for some sightseeing in the ever-so-traffic-ridden downtown area of Seattle. In the international district, we introduced the Pittsburghers to Bubble Tea (a milky/fruity concoction laden with black pearl tapioca and occasionally coconut jelly rectangles). Apparently, boba hasn't made it's way east so much and Virginia didn't take to it like I'd hoped. Ah well an acquired taste, I guess. We grabbed some lunch at Yuwajimaya (korean bbq and kimchee), Synde showed off a large uncircumcised, geoduck...

...and then we hauled ass to the Seattle Center where the Space Needle is located. I've been up once and that was enough. We ate dinner in the spinning restaurant and if that doesn't even sound like a bad idea, imagine it in reality. Virginia and Pete went on their own while we got typical and swung by a Starbucks and waited. Then it was off to the mecca for all urban fantasy disciples (since they have everything paranormal), the University Bookstore. I found Dean Lorey's Nightmare Academy in its original cover--I'd been looking since Conestoga and had resigned myself to the paperback reissue when this baby peaked its lovely head from the shelf.

After a horrific traffic jam downtown, we changed dinner plans and met Richelle, Kat, Rachel and her husband Cliff at Jai in Fremont. Many foods were consumed, but I was most concerned about the bovine blood sauce on a menu titled, "for the adventurous." No. We didn't try it--tempted? absolutely. In this shot, Virginia and Richelle mug for the camera (are you aware it's impossible to take a candid shot of Ms. Mead?)...

...always with the smiling.

After several plates of Pad Thai, Pad See Iew, Panang shrimp, Gai Ga Prau and curry fried rice, we dragged our bloated asses off to a bar. Kat mentioned that it would be just our luck to get to the bridge just in time for a boat to pass and guess what? Just like a true jinx, the alarm sounded and the gates dropped, leaving me plenty of time to test out my newest gang tag.

What do you think?

I love that it straddles the line between wholesome and nasty, and that asterisk just screams, "there's a hidden footnote on this bridge!" Who can ignore the allure of the hidden footnote? I dare you.

Cheap drinks and conversation is a recipe for an awesome Friday night, no matter how you slice it. Kat clearly agrees.

One thing though--and Richelle insists that all bars smell this way--I kept catching a urine smell. Not the kind where you're sitting near the bathroom and a puff sneaks out with the last drunk leaving the John. NO. This was long-term leakage (Thank you She Devil for that line). It was like someone was too drunk to stumble to the toilet and just whipped it out for some under the table relief. I said, the drinks were cheap. It's amazing what you'll put up with for cheap booze. Writers.

This was the chance to hang with Rachel and Cliff as they're off to the wilds of western Kentucky--God help 'em. Here they are in a shot not involving Cliff's tongue (oh yes, they're naughty)...

The Blentz Funeral Home is the bar's next door neighbor (so you probably shouldn't order the short ribs) and Synde and I couldn't resist doing a little late night exploring. Here's a shot of the parlor...

...I took it through the window in the front door, hoping to catch an orb or a weird shadow. Still, it turned out pretty spooky, if I do say so. Which is the perfect preview of tomorrow's photo (and video) blog over at the League.

Caroline and I went to Port Townsend this weekend on a ghost hunt. Were we successful? You'll have to check back tomorrow.

* Lick 'Em!