Edit Schmedit (insert fart sound)

The ink situation sorted out, I'm fine tuning the manuscript. I've got til the 15th of March, then my editor will do his second read, make comments, suggestions. Apparently––heh, heh––there are typos, missing words, and poorly decorated chapters in the middle (I know just the ones, too–-see Chapter 6: Evil has a Name). At 75,000 words, I agree it's a tad slight. I've been told we writers come in two types: overwriters and underwriters. I'm clearly the latter. I'd much rather power through the story and work the details in later. There is an unfortunate titling issue (although I have been taking a lunch time poll on that and come up with some really fun stuff, none of which is remotely paranormally romantic). Here are some of the recently nixed (That's not bad there––Recently Nixed):

• Ghouls Gone Wild
• Happy Hour of the Damned
• Cocktails and Evil Spirits
• Zombies Anonymous

I'm off to a different room, deep in the bowels of this castle. Okay, it's a suburban nouveau tract home, but you get the idea. Jessica Morrell suggests playing tricks with your mind for the final edits (change room, fonts, read aloud).

Couldn't hurt. I'm giving it a shot.