Chapter 6: Evil has a name

I've exorcised the demons from chapter 6 of Undead Socialite. I've been dreading the revision for the past week. The other chapters have been relatively easy, minor grammatical issues, some plot clarification. But not chapter 6, nope, it was a complete mess. Schizophrenic word salad. You'd think I was up in my office sniffing glue. Snort, snort, type, type. What was I to do? I'll tell you what, total rewrite and a 12-step group.

Exhausting. I'm spent. Wait, just one more… Poor me. There, that's better.

Enough whining, the wife tells me it's time to make the magic of Christmas happen. I wish I could just spray out the decorations like the green foam grass on the sides of freeways. No, not true, I'm being dramatic; I actually don't mind it. Especially now that we've gone fake tree. I love it, no sap, no needles.

It's the glitter.

There it is. A surprise gift to my readers (all 3 of you). The gift of a newly coined phrase. You can use "It's the glitter" in place of "that's tight" or "she's the shit," but do make a promise to use it. Pepper it liberally throughout your speech. But most of all, have fun with it. It's the holidays, and they're the glitter!