The Glamazombies Street Team

After taking off my rose-colored glasses and assessing my year in publishing, I've come to a number of conclusions.
1. I need to gather as much support around me as possible. That's both from readers and writers. I could use some accountability on both fronts, but more than that, I need help. HALP!!!
2. Street teams seem to be the way to do that. Now, back when I first started, when Livejournal was our everything, it seemed much easier to gather a group together, we called ourselves the GLAMAZOMBIES and we had fun and talked shit in a yahoo group and so on, but over time things kinda got lazy and my writing veered toward YA and everything just got bungled.  If you were a member of the original Glamazombies and are interested again, please fill out the new-fangled newsletter link over there on the left sidebar. If you're new to my writing and want in on things like First Reads, ARCs and exclusive contests and meet-ups, I'm looking for a minimum of 50 folks.
3. Jesus. FIFTY! That seems like a lot of people, right? But it's the bare minimum, I promise. I'm going to do a video explaining it all, but until then, I'm putting out the call!
Feel free to comment below, but definitely sign up for the newsletter because I'm going to focus a lot of my efforts there and on My Facebook Page.
Whew. That's an update. Oh wait...there's more...I'm holding off on the Amanda Feral novellas until I can launch those books right, in true Glamazombies style. While January is supposed to be the biggest month for sales, it seems (and I feel like I learned this from Parts & Wreck) my fan base is pretty small. And I need to find some leverage for outreach before just throwing up an indie book. That's where you come in, potential Glamazombie!!!
I've got work to do and I hope you'll help.

Until then, I'm strapped to two more YA projects that have taken control of my life and frankly give me the opportunity to focus on building my tribe and bettering my chances for a successful Indie publishing launch. So...yeah!!!

Let's make 2014 a breakout year, y'all!


Jessica said…
Count me in! I love your books!
Unknown said…
I truly can't believe your fan base is so small- Your characters crack me up, and your stories are insanely addictive. I'll do my part in spreading the word!