Those Amanda Feral Covers!!!

Other urban fantasy authors mete out their cover reveals slowly, making readers beg for it. Here at Mark Henry we like to play all our gruesome cards at once, especially when they feature fashionable zombies and a gay vamp! We slap 'em down and watch for the undead fallout. This time, each of our fashionable friends gets their own stylish cover and you get to see a close facsimile of the type of peeps I had in mind for Amanda, Wendy and Gil all along.

So. Without further adieu, I give you the covers for BEACH BLANKET BLOODBATHDAWN OF THE DEADUTANTES and SHIP OF GHOULS, the new Amanda Feral, Undead Socialite Trilogy!

BEACH BLANKET BLOODBATH (Coming: Oct. 28th 2013)

Amanda, Wendy and Gil descend on an idyllic seaside village for some rest, relaxation and consumption of cute coastal townsfolk but instead become embroiled in a mystery at the Miss Sand Flea Pageant involving overtly perky go-go dancers, the inevitable wereshark attack and an annoying octogenarian sleuth/writer. Will your favorite undead mean girls (and their gay bff) survive the weekend? Will one (or more) get some wereshark dick? Your guess is as good as mine!

Then there's these two bad girls (synopses-pending):

So you know who's who, right? Do you have a favorite? 

I know I do. Psst. It's Wendy's cover (and here's a secret, the wraparound story that links each of the stories is all about Wendy and Abuelita from BATTLE OF THE NETWORK ZOMBIES...someone's a drug lord!)

I'd love it if you added some zombie shiz on your Goodreads. Here are the links...

Next up: More info about Dawn and Ship and all kinds of stuff about Parts & Wreck! Wow, so much going on around here!


AAAHHHH I love the covers! And I'm so excited for these books.
Mons said…
I LOVE these covers!! So awesome. And the titles are excellent! Happy you are able to get more Amanda stories out there.
Lori Whitwam said…
Whoever your cover artist is, they're fantastic! Can't wait for release dates.
Mark Henry said…
The cover artist is MEEEEEE!!!
JoAnne Kenrick said…
firstly... YEAY more AF books. are rocking the cover art. Seriously excellent. I love 'em all. Ship of Gouls I think is my fav, though.