A Letter About the NEW Amanda Feral Novellas

Dear Glamazombies (and Glamazombies-to-be),

Not so great news today. As much as I hate being the Boy Who Cried Wolf, I'd hate it even more if I rushed to give you an Amanda Feral book that wasn't as perversely cruel and hilarious as it could be and should be. So, I'm going to push it back a bit and that means a few weeks at the most. I'd love nothing more than for you to have two of my books to read over the holidays so expect to pick up Beach Blanket Bloodbath and Parts & Wreck (you can preorder that NOW) in November.

I know what you're asking. What's the fucking hold up?

Well, Amanda is a tough character to wrangle. When I was writing the original trilogy, my mood and attitude was very much hers and vice versa. I was confident and biting. But things have changed and it's been difficult to step back into that loop. Plus, softening my edge for the YA audience didn't help. So, I'm busily eating glass and tripping school children to get my pitch black humor in order.

Additionally, this novella sets up the entire trilogy. While each of the Amanda Feral novellas will stand on its own and feature a self-contained story, there is an arc at play that has to be dealt with gingerly in Beach Blanket Bloodbath.

The draft is nearly complete and received a much needed kick in the ass this week via a tornado of news that I'm not at liberty to share, nor would I be happy to, frankly. So I'll leave it at that. The reboot of the draft has had me laughing and rubbing my hands together maniacally, so I'm definitely back in Amanda's good graces.

But be warned, if you see me walking down the street avoid me. I'm NOT nice when I'm this deep into Amanda's head. I repeat, NOT. NICE. I'm not going to eat your sweetbreads or go total zombie on you, but I might. It is the season for horrors.

So apologies. And I hope you'll hang on to the level of excitement you've shown so far, it's been extremely encouraging in a year full of transitions and upheaval.

Thanks for sticking with me!


Consuela Charette said…
I will not despair. Now, go drink some gasoline to wash down the glass!
I'll wait as long as needed for these novellas to feel just right.
vickey said…
Yippie :) your books are awesome!