Newsy Stuff!

Now that True Blood's over I didn't think I'd have all that much to look forward to. You see, Caroline and I had been going over to our friend Jo's house, along with my best friend Kevin to watch us some nasty vampire shit. And when it was over I was feeling a little let down. So when I got home, I checked my email and found out some awesome news!

The organizers of the Dreamin' in Dallas conference, okayed our (along with celebrity scribe, Jaye Wells) workshop and will even be footing my travel and hotel bill. This may not seem to be a big deal to you guys that travel for a living, but when you're a midlist author, conferences are expensive and the travel to get there and stay is rarely paid for by anyone but your dwindling bank account or nearly maxed out credit cards.

So I'm totally peeing myself. Plus I'll get to see Jaye and our friend Leah again, and of course, the lovely and talented Dakota Cassidy and maybe even Michele Bardsley (who coincidentally is the subject of today's Barely Sane Interview at the League. Check it cuz there's an awesome contest, too).

In other news, tomorrow's Turkey Day and I'll be cooking side dishes and pies tonight along with the rest of America. But tomorrow, I'll be thankful that I finished the final tweaking on the redesign of my website.

The Grand Reopening of is Monday, December 1st. Complete with a contest, lots of vulgarity, Amanda, Wendy and Gil reviewing movies and shit. You don't want to miss out and I'll be sure to remind you.

What are y'all gonna be thankful for?