A New Week...

...time to get some shit done. I've been working on The Dark Rites of Joe Barkley for too long and having a really hard time shutting down my internal editor to get a flow going. So, this is the week. I joined up for 70 Days of Sweat. Primarily for the accountability, though if anyone's up for wordcount wars that'd be awesome, too. Anyone? My goal is to finish Joe and start the third Amanda book, Battle of the Network Zombies, within the 70 day period.

Over at the League, I just announced the winners of the last two Halloween week winners, you might want to check over there, just in case.

The awesome and gracious Amy Menden interviewed a bunch of us zombie writing types for West Virginia's Grafitti magazine, you can check out the story here. If you dare!

Last thing.

I'm getting really close to relaunching the website and though I've asked several of you for questions for Amanda, Wendy and Gil's FAQ, I don't think I've asked my entire flist. So, if you have a question, spill. Nothing is off limits.