A Friday Five

I'm too lazy to figure out what links all these things so you get the obligatory "Friday Five." Sorry.

1. Yesterday, Team Seattle descended on the super swanky Hotel 1000 to meet up with fellow zombie scribe, Carrie Ryan. Dellacorte has her on a whirlwind pre-pub tour and though we only had a brief lunchbreak with her, she's been assessed TS associate worthy. We took her to the always filthy and delicious Mae Phim (where, as Cherie will attest, it's safest to only order traditional Thai dishes, lest your stomach roll like a barrel over a falls). We chatted about zombies, chocolate, our unwholesome love of our mutual agent and partook of the infamous and endless paparazzi sessions (as shown here...)

2. Interested in a free online horror novel involving a giant shark and a probably doomed dysfunctional family? I know you are. How could you not be? One of my favorite horror guys, Joe Schreiber (Chasing the Dead, Eat the Dark), has put out some awesomeness in the form of STILLWATER. You won't even have to wait for the installments, it's posted in its entirety. Here's the first chapter.

3. The always gracious and thoughtful Catherine Schaff-Stump reminds me that Happy Hour of the Damned was the October Book Club read for the ever ominous sounding Mindbridge Foundation. You can read her notes of their meeting and an interview with me on her blog.

4. Next week is the League of Reluctant Adults Halloween Spectacular. Make sure to swing by every day for tons of spooky posts by your favorite authors, publishing industry folk and even some mega-bloggers!

5. It's Friday. Time for a video...

I'm not sure who Tom Chaplin's channeling but I'm digging the 80s pop feel.