First up, I got my blog on over at the League. It's all about brains and zombies and poop stains. Whatever. It's officially the end of my blog rut. Cuz it's all gross and I likes it. So check it out. Next week, Jeanne Stein will be swinging by for a fun little chat they may or may not end in death and dismemberment. Then again...

Are y'all twittering?

Cuz I totally am.

Come on down!!!

Also, as you may have heard, TEAM SEATTLE is doing a friend drive. Why not stop by either our Facebook or Myspace and show us some love, we'll gladly return the favor--cuz we're cheap like that. And Jesus Christ on a cracker, leave a comment or three or seven. We loves us some comments.

I'm a bit chipper just now, because I heard back from my Mom. She just finished Road Trip of the Living Dead and loved it (well as much as a mother can love hot necrophilia, homeless masochists, smarmy chthulu and GORE). Her words: "Much smoother than the first, funnier."

Then she was off raving about J.R. Ward and Colleen Gleason. Dark Lover this, The Rest Falls Away that. I'm going to stop supplying that woman with books, I swear to God.

One more thing. I'm kinda lovin' Uh Huh Her. Maybe it's the unicorn.


Caffey said…
Morning Mark!! I'm smiling about your mom! I miss talking to my mom about books. She introduced me to romance and mysteries and more and used to go and site with her each day talking about books we read and exchanging books!

I shall go over to MySpace. I joined that one since many authors are on that one, but not Face Book. I do ones related to books (Good Reads and Shelfari). I just love chatting books so figured I'd be on those related to books!

Have a great weekend. I so can't wait to be one reading ROAD TRIP OF THE LIVING DEAD!

P.S. If my health stays well, I'll be visiting more as I've come whenever I can, its a blast here!