Ghost Blog and Stuff!

1. Caroline and I went on a ghost hunt. Check out the evidence over at the League.

2. I've been watching tons of PBS and Agatha Christie mysteries. Call it research for Book 3 of the Amanda Feral series wherein I mingle an English country murder mystery with reality show skanks and puffy nipple fat. While watching an episode of the Mrs. Bradley Mysteries (which is awesome, by the way--Diana Rigg can do no wrong), guess who popped up at a private school music teacher? The Doctor. David Tennant was looking really young, too.

3. My hunger for Dragon Con pix has been sated. Thank you Marianne Mancusi and Jeanne Stein. And can I just say...Baltar!!!

4. Santogold tickets go on sale in three hours. I'm so there!

5. Is anyone else hoping the Fringe is the new X-Files?


Anonymous said…
Fringe- what did you think? :)
Mark Henry said…
It's still sitting on the DVR. Probably will watch it tonight.