I've succumbed to laziness.

After two weekends of yardwork, aching muscles and finally getting the front in some kind of order, it was time to consider the backyard. It's been left to its own defenses since I started writing seriously two years ago. It was once a prideful thing and we recieved mucho complementos. Now? Not so much...

So, the landscaper, Dario just left after giving me an estimate and a time frame that I can live with. It's still a ton of money ($800) but to weed, haul, widen the beds, spread beauty bark and even get rid of the scotchbroom behind the fence, I think it's fair. It may not look like much in the pictures but it's going to take a crew of three guys, two days to get it done and maybe another, two is the estimate.

Now, I'm off to track down 8 square yards of beauty bark for delivery.

See what happens when I get paid?

Oh...and there's this...