I'm Outtie Dee! RT Here I Comes!

After one of the most crazy days ever, full of running errands, coming home, realizing that I forgot something, running back out, coming home and then having to do the two hour trek to the accountant's to pick up the taxes which were late getting done--I'm told--as a result of our accountant reading my book (I gladly accepted that blame), I'm finally settling in to relax before Caitlin shows up on our doorstep at the God-awful hour of 3:15 A.M.

I must chill.

...and pack (and apparently blog).

Good thing I can sleep on a plane. Oh...wait. No I can't.

But I can read. I'm finally going to finish Rayo Casablanca's super sick (and awesome) 6 SICK HIPSTERS and jump into some Palahniuk (Choke), which is a great way to gear up for the writing that needs to happen after I get back from the convention. It seems I've been stalling on getting anything substantive done on the new book. Getting ready for a con is a great procrastination excuse, but after I get back no more excuses. It's on. Right?

Anyway, blogging will probably be minimal, as will responding to email. I can't wait to meet all the writers and lj peeps that I'm hoping actually exist and aren't just a figment of my imagination.

See you all there!


Anonymous said…
So, what did you think of 6 sick hipsters?
Mark Henry said…
I'm planning on a big Chuck Palahniuk/Rayo Casablanca post by early next week so you'll have to check back, but...

Rayo is one sick fucker and I likey!