Book Review: Personal Demons by Stacia Kane

I've been excited about this book longer than you have--bet you 5 dollars. I've been following Personal Demons since it was a tiny little hook contest entry on the now defunct Miss Snark (or was it Evil Editor?). A radio shrink (think Dr. Laura only with actual insight and ethics) inadvertantly starts a war with the "personal demons" that hang out on the shoulders of every man, woman and child. Awesome, right? Anyway, I took the bait, waited and emailed the author, struck up a neat little friendship, and here I am pimping her out like my favorite hooker (my less favorite hookers find their own dates).

I got myself a snazzy little PDF of this gem because I'm special (and not in a retarded way...well sometimes, but that's beside the point). So here goes...

Personal Demons is a supersexy urban fantasy, some might say paranormal romance, but like all good demon fiction, the sin of lust takes precedence over anything as wholesome as that other L word. Megan Chase, psychic therapist (though the psychic part is a secret), is up to her ears in crazy clients, radio station politics and zombies! After a near fatal attack, she's let in on a little secret: those personal demons she claims to slay on her radio talk show? Um..a wee bit miffed. It seems she's been marked for death, which is really bad timing because she's being tailed by a reporter hot for a story and a demon hot for some tail. To make things right, Megan must do battle with the spawn of Satan (both in and out of the bedroom) and the skeletons in her own closet.

Kane serves up a malevolently entertaining entry into the urban fantasy genre, the action is fierce and the sex is bonerific (I think you know what I mean), her characters are well drawn and damaged, just like I like 'em--Megan, in particular, is so engaging you'll be missing her from the second you turn that final page--and the story clips along with the urgency of an IBS victim with a public bathroom phobia.

Good work, Stacia. I had a feeling it was going to be awesome. But if you don't believe me, check out these blurbs, which may or may not be fictional--who's to say, really?

"Can I have s'more, please?"
--Pip, Dickens Character and Demon Sex Afficionado

"Greyson Dante can pound my dead ass, anytime."
--Amanda Feral, Celebrity Ghoul and Polite Gentlewoman

"Personal Demons? Mine don't seem to give a crap what's going on with me. More like Impersonal. Hmmph."
--Shitney, Waning Pop Star