More Opportunities to Spend Hard Earned Cashy

My homegirl, Caitlin Kittredge is up for pimpery today. So, if you're lookin' for a date, I'm runnin' a special...

Check out her debut release, Night Life (on sale now). Here's some blurbs, some of which, might be complete fabrications, but are nonetheless accurate and I carry no responsibility for fictitious characters comments, got it?

"I haven't been so enamored a shapeshifting heroine since Dee Wallace Stone turned into a were-maltese in THE HOWLING."
--Amanda Feral, Celebrity Ghoul, Arbiter of Style and Social Commentary

“Don’t go to bed with this book—it will keep you up all night. It’s that good.”
--Lilith Saintcrow, national bestselling author of WORKING FOR THE DEVIL

"Night Life will take you around the world, baby. You wanna go around the world, right? How 'bout a half and half?"
--Skinny Yvonne, Pleasure Specialist, creator of the "Tilt-a-Whirl" technique

So there you have it. Would Amanda, Lilith or Skinny Yvonne lead you down the wrong path? Not this week.


Caitlin is guest blogging over at the League of Reluctant Adults, and this time, she's brought the cocktails. So get your asses over there, you sorry barflies!

One last thing about Night Life, and it really is peripheral. Luna, Kittredge's main character is half werewolf and half blood witch. The first time I read that, I read "blood bitch" and I was all "no she di-int." And then, of course, no she didn't. Does anyone remember that Cocteau Twins song?