Zombie Week Post is Up!

So, I finally caught up on some interviews and got a chance to do my big Zombie Week post over at the League of Reluctant Adults. Don't ask me why, but this week is really content heavy over there, lots of videos, goofing off, even a recipe. I've heard talk of a zombie quiz contest though I don't know what the prize would be. Anyway, head on over for some brains or just to watch ZOMBIE VS. SHARK!

I've had some awesome reviews lately. I even like the one that rated Happy Hour a B- and I think you'll see why. That one is at The Good, The Bad and The Unread. Cherokee over at Coffee Time Romance gives it 4 steaming cups of joe. I've also been Tezzified over at Urban Fantasy Land! Forest of Hands and Teeth author, Carrie Ryan reviewed the book, too, and she's doing a giveaway so you're going to want to get your butts over there.

If that's not all exciting enough for you my lj friend Kazdreamer reported a book sighting! She saw Happy Hour of the Damned sitting nice and pretty in a wall display at the Murder One Bookshop on the Charing Cross Road in London (I just love saying and writing that). London! So why people, have I not seen a photo of this rare beast in the wild. My offer's still good. The first person to email me a photo, or post it on their blog and then send me the link, gets a signed copy mailed to their door. Who's it going to be?