Who's a Birthday Boy?

Well. Today's the day. Happy Hour of the Damned has left the birth canal, snipped of it's umbilicus, been wiped clean and thrown to the bookstores (or most of them). I've been running around all crazy-like. My parents took me to breakfast, because we're probably not doing a release party until next Saturday and they wanted to do something. That's why it's taken me so long to pop my head into the internets.

I want to thank everybody that's mentioned the book on their blogs, in forums and to their friends. Every positive comment helps and I've seen a lot of great stuff out there. I'm really psyched that people are having fun with Happy Hour and I'm hoping everyone interested in humorous urban fantasy gives it a shot.

I signed some stock at a couple of Barnes and Nobles this morning, which was just as fun as the first time (Saturday), the booksellers have been really nice. My Amazon page changed so I can see reviews now which is awesome, though I can't seem to hit refresh enough waiting for more to show up. Anyone know how that works? Some people have told me they've posted but I think that Amazon only refreshes those every so often.

Anyway, thanks again. I'm a little overwhelmed and out of words.


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Hey Mark! Saw a review of your book over on Fantasy Book Critic. Sounds fun. Have to pick up a copy later today!