Overexposed is an Understatement!

Everybody's favorite statuesque goddess of the gloom, Alchemuse interviews Anton Strout (DEAD TO ME) et moi, over at her shiny new *headdesk*. Were you people aware that we even had books coming out? Tight lipped the both of us.

Head on over to the League of Reluctant Adults, we've already begun the UNSHAPELY THINGS discussion without you, so hurry! While you're there, scroll down, last Friday I interviewed Anton, now the tables have turned and I'm up for some harassment.

I'm also guest blogging over at December Quinn's place about the first time I saw my book in a store. Needless to say, I was ecstatic. But not in any body fluid sort of way.

I was just about to post when, here come two more emails, which sparked a memory about another thing. I've got three new interviews up, not including the one with Anton over at the League.

So, here they are...

Marta Acosta, author of the high-fuckin'-larious Milagro de Los Santos series (HAPPY HOUR AT CASA DRACULA, MIDNIGHT BRUNCH), interviews me on her blog. She's still bitter about the whole title thing, go see.

Scott whittles out my First Book story on his new site, oddly enough titled The First Book.

If you don't know who Amanda Ashby is, there's something wrong with you. Her popular novel, YOU HAD ME AT HALO, is a wonderfully comic fantasy read, and her next in the chute really caught my attention, THE ZOMBIE QUEEN OF NEWBURY HIGH. C'mon, how could I resist, right? Amanda's interviewed me on her blog, check it.

It's almost too much. I expect an aneurysm, soon.


writtenwyrdd said…
I'm looking forward to getting HHofD in my little hands next week. Best wishes on the debut and the many sequels!