Thursday? Already? Are You Sure?

So...I've been seriously neclecting bloggerly duties. Cheating on all of you with livejournal and the League of Reluctant Adults. I'm thinking I really need to split these blogs into two purposes. Burlesque will be my spot for pimpin' of books, movies and music. While livejournal will be my main blog. It's just so much easier, and the comment structure is awesome. I've kind of already started doing it. In fact the last two blogs have been posted over there, exclusively.

What you've missed:

1. Finishing the draft of ROAD TRIP OF THE LIVING DEAD.
2. Turning it over to agent and beta readers.
3. Total fucking author meltdown (it's no good, piece of crap, etc.).
4. Deep cleansing breaths, followed immediately by...
5. Screwing up my website (SEE). Though, I'm loving the razor blade.
6. Frustration ever since.
7. The League book club seems to be a success.

On that note, I have announcements...

I got my first print review! Romantic Times gives HAPPY HOUR OF THE DAMNED...

Wait for it...

4 stars

Unless you're a subscriber, you can't see the whole review, but I have and the reviewer issued a WARNING! For me, that's just like telling people there's candy inside. Sure that candy is made of body parts, but it's still sweet as hell. Glee!

The other thing...

On March 25th, I'll be travelling down to Portland with the lovely and talented Mario Acevedo for a Reading/Signing at Powell's in Beaverton. Mario will be hawking his new book, THE UNDEAD KAMA SUTRA, which--come on--that title fills with the chagrin of jealousy. Not to mention that I have cover envy so bad, that I'm thinking of including those metal scrotums that dangle off the back of truck hitches with every copy of HAPPY HOUR sold (just joking people, seriously, don't hold me to that. Those guys that buy those things look like they're willing to pay tons for their inferiority complexes, just look at the trucks). Just look...

Why must I be tortured like this?

Anyhow, it's looking like it might be an all out urban fantasy rumble. With some Seattle heavies hittin' the road to do the Portland thing. Can the Oregonians pull off a party filled night of fantasy for our travelling band of hellions? Or will it end in a frenzied dance off álá West Side Story?

We'll see. We shall see.

As for why this post is a cornucopia of font sizes spacing errors, only the Gods of Blogger know.