An Actual Post!

Just kidding.

My weekly post is up over at the League of Reluctant Adults, and though it's short, I think you'll agree it's potent and life affirming. Or a big piece of crap. Either way, I'm jumping back into the manuscript early. Have to be done by 4:00. Caroline and I are doing a nice dinner and then heading over to the University Bookstore to hear dirty little devil stories from Richelle Mead and Lilith Saintcrow and then party like it's 1999, that's right, retro style.

Plus! This time I'm going to be in control of the damned camera. Now you'll see the real debauchery that takes place at these so-called "author events". It's sure to be scandalous!

That's it. I'm out.


SQT said…
Hi Mark, I just finished "Happy Hour of the Damned." So funny. I wish you were already done with "Road Trip." I'll let you know when I have the review up for you.

I think "Happy Hour" is going to do well. I have my fingers crossed for you anyway.
Anonymous said…
Mark it was great to finally meet you ar Richelle's signing. Ca't wait for the book,it's gaurenteed to be a great read! I will just have to wait for the release date....Kensington rarely sends arc's to B&N even when we request them..sigh.. Oh well it's worth the wait I am sure of that!!!
Mark Henry said…
Hey Synde,

Nice meeting you, too. And I wish Kensington would send them out, especially since they paid for Co-op at B&N. Why don't I stop by later next week and drop off an ARC, I'm doing the same for the Lakewood store, so I'll make a day of it. When do you work?

Anonymous said…
Aw you are such a sweetie! I promise I will make SURE everyone knows about it when it comes out and I will also staff rec. it and write a review for B& I work
Mon-Thursday from 7 am(we open at 9) through 3:00. I will also be in the store on Sat from 9-4. Remember I am in the music dept. of the Downtown store(in pacific place). Also if you don't see me, ask one of my staff to get me, I am most likely in my office, playing on the computer..snerk.
Thanks so much for doing this!! I think it will easy to get the word out!!!