My Procrastination is Bigger than Yours!

I promised myself a minimum of 2000 words before 6:00, which is 3 hours and 15 minutes away, and yet, here I sit clicking away at Youtube, responding to emails and seriously considering a full office clean-up.

Take this for instance...

Why the hell am I looking up The Mission--and not the Mission UK, to which they are now referred? The video is awful. But I loved that song in High School. Still do, really.

It seems I'm procrastinating on my procrastinating. Better get to it.

What keeps you from working?

*publishes post and then begins cleaning. for reals*


Jaye Wells said…
That might be the most random video in the history of ever.

"Okay, guys, here's the plan. We'll all wear crazy hats and frolic in the forest. Jim you wear the devil's horns and stab at this plastic lobster in the stream with the pitchfork. I know it has nothing to do with serpents or kissing, but trust me. It's totally existential."
Mark Henry said…
It's pathetic, right? But back then, and I think that was 1985, we didn't blink an eye at shitty concepts.