Who's That at the Door?

I was just sinking in to the couch to devour Rachel Caine's ILL WIND, the fireplace was roaring, the dogs snoring and dusk whittled away at the light, when what should break into my late afternoon repose?

A mysterious ringing.

The doorbell.

I checked my watch. 4:45 pm. Could it be the neighbor kid? Had he lost his ball/frisbee/mind over our fence again? I was nearly certain of it. But rose to quiet the dogs grating yaps. I checked the side window. No one there. I opened the door, looking down the sidewalk and up the street. No horrible devil children. Not a one.

But what's this...

It's no puffy envelope, that's certain. And it's heavy. I grabbed a knife, nearly severing an artery in my haste, and slashed at the paper and reinforced tape, until...


Do I need to tell you I stopped breathing? I was expecting to wait at least a couple of more weeks for the Advance Reader Copies. But, no. Here they are. And there are tons. Tons. 72 to be exact!

Why so many?

Well, right now they're busy collecting my drool and there's a ton of that so...for promo, of course. To send off for reviews, for blurbs, for blogging authors who don't mind giving debut novelists like myself a public shout out during my release week (do you see how I slid that right in there), to grease the wheels of bookselling, and a few left for contest giveaways.

There might be one coming up this week (hint, hint).

Now, I've got to go find my lists and email everyone for addresses. Like I said, I thought I had a couple more weeks. It was on my list, swear to God.


sugar skull said…
What I miss about being a bookslave at Waldenbooks for 5 yrs is opening the shipments and finding ARC's. It was like Christmas morning and they weren't even written by me so I cannot even imagine the feeling.