This Is How Crazy I Am...

...and how cheap. Do you see that bookcase down there?

Gorgeous, perfectly sized, window pane-doored. It's the Faulkner Library Cabinet from Crate and Barrel. Came this morning, so you know I've spent a good portion of my writing day loading and organizing books, as well as merchandising various chotckes. It's literary so it counts as work, and I don't want to hear otherwise.'s the crazy.

Do you know how long I've wanted this damn thing? Twelve freakin' years, at least. But I refused to spend a grand on it. How is it sitting in our family room, you ask? Weh-heh-hell, got it on sale my friends, $200 dollars off. And I waited for that somebitch to go down all that time.


I think not. Practical? Absolutely.

We Henry's are a stubborn bunch and love a good bargain. We also know what we like. I mean would you go down to the orphanage and buy just any old kid? No way. You'd have to try 'em out. See if they were cool to hang around. That's what I did, through twice yearly visits.

Welcome Faulkner. I hope you feel right at home.

ps. If you recall the garage sale of 2007 post, where we rashly sold off our living room furniture. That couch, sectional actually, is the replacement (the only purchase we made off the book check).

Do you ever feel like I tell you too much?