Release the Amazon!

It happened on Monday night. I was minding my own business, doing my weekly--oh, who am I kidding--daily check of to see if my pre-order was up, when it happened. It was there.

Happy Hour on the Damned.

You read that right, ON the Damned. Huh? Yes, folks. If anyone was going to get a misspelling it was this guy. It's fixed now, two days and three emails later.

Here's a fun bit of trivia. What happens when you search for Happy Hour of the Damned on Amazon? I'll let you tell me.
(here's a hint: Damn you, Anton!)

So click on the Amazon below and have fun. Tag, list, discuss - ahem - preorder, whatever.


Joe said…
Mmm, delicious. And the fact that you're having every copy hand-delivered by a seven-foot blonde can only be a good thing.
Mark Henry said…
You forced me to alter the photo. I hope you're happy.