More with the Linking?

First thing. A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my friend Dianna Rodgers! Her Thinking Error Tuesday's are a must read for writers, aspiring and published alike.


Gather round boys and ghouls, it's harvest time. There are pumpkins to be carved, candy to snatch, and graves to be unsettled. This month more than any other, don't you wish you were reading something spooky? Something that'll crawl under your skin and stay there? Well, I've got good news, Eat the Dark isn't just a Hershey slogan, it's a damn fine horror read and it's available now! Pick them shits up! And do it this week.*

Then head on over to The League of Reluctant Adults, where Stacia Kane is laying it all out for you on query letters. Got a manuscript ready to show off? Better have a decent query or you'll be shit outta luck.

I'm also deeply greatful to Tez Miller for allowing me the opportunity to interview, she's got that up in all sorts of places. Namely here, here, and here. And for Christ sake quit being so stingy with the commentary. Show some love for the Aussie!

I think that's it for now.

*FYI: a book's first week may be the most important (it certainly is for getting on best lists, reorders, etc), so support your favorites by buying their book the day it comes out, or at least within a few days.


Joe said…
It's true, folks.

Plus the first thousand copies have a secret ending that can only be read under a black light.