More Than the Sum of Its Parts

While I was putting together yesterday's zombie blog (which failed to mention that this weekend was full of zombiness of the film variety, as well), the Fed Ex lady rang the doorbell and delivered one of those exciting puffy envelopes from Kensington.

Without all the fanfare this time--because I'm too lazy to take pictures and a little down that my sweetheart is off to Arizona for a conference that involves numbers--inside were the page proofs for HAPPY HOUR OF THE DAMNED. It's a beautiful thing. Nice font. I'm lovin' the footnotes now more than ever, and only slightly dissapointed that the textboxes weren't gothed out. Ah well.

So you know, I'll be reading that through again.

The League of Reluctant Adults is doing a progressive story, paranormal, of course, and wedding related as an homage to Anton Strout, our honeymooning member (or maybe in honor of his honeymooning member). Anyway, check it out.

And since this post doesn't seem to have any binding theme, here's a stray Grindhouse trailers that I found on the side of the road. Totally NSFW!


Joe said…
That trailer just made me remember how much I loved seeing GRINDHOUSE in the theatre. In a way I think it's fitting that the whole thing isn't being released as one -- it was, for the week or two that it lasted, a purely theatrical experience. Reducing it to DVD, trailers and all, just wouldn't be the same. Having said that, if they'd put the whole thing together, I'd buy it in a cocaine heartbeat.
Mark Henry said…
We bought Planet Terror. In the bonus section, Rodriguez says that the combined version is forthcoming, probably in time for Christmas. So go grab your wallet Grandma!