Cookbook Review: Cooking Your Way to Romance by Carl Wendtland

Sonya Sipes of Cat's Curious Press sent me this book to peruse and test out. Though, I'm probably not the target audience, since I'm a bit of a foodie and subscribe to Saveur, Gourmet, and Food and Wine. But I gave it a shot, and turns out, it's pretty cute.

Here goes, all professional-like.

In his own light-hearted style, COOKING YOUR WAY TO ROMANCE author, Carl Wendtland has whipped up a how-to guide for the man who's unlucky in love and loaf pans. While not breaking any new ground in the food-is-love theory, the cookbook does offer easy menus, recipes and instruction for guys whose culinary experience consists of microwaving tomato soup and dumping Chinese takeout onto plates. Combining personal anecdotes with humorous cartoons, this manual will have the ladies salivating for more than just beefcake.


Stacia said…
*sob* I miss Gourmet.
Mark Henry said…
They don't have it in England? That's surprising. Oh wait. They serve beans for breakfast instead of hashbrowns.


So do we, actually, though ours are refried pintos.