Stressor of the Week

My first rambling stream of consciousness post is up over at the League of Reluctant Adults. I'm not even sure I answered the question, or if I'm even qualified. After all, I'm not in the least bit funny (except when I am). Now, I'm exhausted. I've put far too much thought into a post about comedy. Do you see what I do for you people? Do you see?

Now, on to what you can do for me * ahem * for us. Us. I'm ready to dust off my prettiest pair of man-panties and be pimped out. As repayment for being my pimp, you may receive this awesome prize package...

Ooo. A signed HAPPY HOUR cover flat (this one's a proof, no blurbs, totally collectible), a copy of everyone's favorite zomedy, SHAUN OF THE DEAD, and probably the most fantastic item of all, a Bop and Beep UglyDoll key chain (made in China, so keep it away from your kids, lest Darwinism go into effect).

Once you've pimped, make sure to comment at the blog to enter the drawing, even a big F**K YOU, counts! Yay!

Pimp away!