Horror Movie Exam: You Guess the Theme

You thought I forgot about horror movie day. Shame on you. It's my favorite part of the blogging week. So let's get started up in this bitch. I've gathered three loosely connected films (I'll leave it up to you to decide the theme, thus the title). Some weeks, I type in a few words into youtube search and collect some movies, this week, I knew exactly which trailers to hawk.

The first is Dario Argento's Phenomenon. This 1985 sleeper featured a pre-Labyrinth Jennifer Connelly and a post-Halloween Donald Pleasence, the plot is nearly indecipherable, but the death scenes are quintessential Argento. Here's what I can tell you, it's got psychics, serial killers, and a swarm of flies.

In Lifeforce (the video is NSFW, you've been warned), Tobe Hooper drifts as far from Texas Chainsaw as is humanly possible. We're talkin' naked alien vampires, and the zombies that love them. Thank you Tobe! I'd watch this one again right about now.

Come to think of it, Lifeforce reminds me a bit of 28 Days Later in the frenetic high speed attacks and panic in London.

David Cronenberg's second film, after the equally entertaining zombie sexfest, Shivers, was Rabid. For this apocalyptic semi-zombie flick, he snatched Marilyn Chambers off the dick she was sucking and threw her into one of the most bizarre vampir-esque roles ever. For those unaware, I'm not just being salacious, Ms. Chambers was a famous porno actress. Ever heard of Behind the Green Door?

What you don't see in this clip is the method of transmission, which is so freaky you have to see it for yourself.

So that's that. Any guesses as to the connecting factor of these films?

Here's a hint: I was an adolescent when I saw them.


Joe said…
They all have chicks with pseudo-phalluses in them?

Marilyn Chambers was in BEYOND THE GREEN DOOR, right?
Mark Henry said…
See how I don't do my research?

Thank you for your porn wisdom.