Horror Movie Double Feature: A Couple of Gates

I knew I was going to have a hard time finding a clip of the awesome 70s horror movie, The Sentinel, before I even clicked on my youtube link. After all, that other Sentinel movie came out just recently (Michael Douglas-political thriller-blah blah blah). But your trusty schlock explorer was undaunted. I searched all the way into the murky youtube bowels to retrieve this TV spot. I hope you appreciate the lengths I go to bring you good (or so bad it's good) horror.

I can't sing The Sentinel's praises high enough. Great flick, and the scares hold up, slow creepy scares, plus it's about the gates of hell, and you can't go wrong with that theme. Which brings us to our next flick, titled, oddly enough, The Gates of Hell.

Sure, it's been retitled City of the Living Dead, but it wasn't released in theaters with that title. This is one of Lucio Fulci's Giallo, the Italian precursor to our own slasher movies, though 20 years senior, usually hyperviolent, and always containing an element of mystery. I just watched it recently and it doesn't hold up all that well, but it makes for a bizarre Sunday afternoon, I can tell you.

Can anyone think of other movies involving the gate to hell? I'm thinking Hellraiser is a gate tale. Bit, if anyone brings up The Gate, I swear to God...