The Winehouse and Spears Show

Fans of Jennifer Saunders and Dawn French rejoice. The duo is back for one more season of their hilarious sketch comedy show, aptly titled, French and Saunders. The two comediennes, seen here making funnies, swear this is the last season. We shall see.

Oh, and in writerly news, check out my new on sale date: 2/26/2008. Now I can say it's coming out in February!


Joe said…
I think I read somewhere recently, maybe on Tess Gerritsen's blog, that February is like the best month to get your book out. It's definitely the time of year where numbers seem to matter the most as far as bestseller status.

I can only hope you remember our quaint friendship on your meteoric rise to world domination.
Mark Henry said…
Is that because February is the slowest month for book sales, and no big name author would be caught dead releasing their novel then. So little pee-on me, gets a chance?

If that's the case, then BOW DOWN MINIONS!
I loved Dawn French on Murder Most Horrid (I think she was on that)...wondered what she was doing now.

And congrats on a pub date! Every month has good and bad the beginning, it helps not to be up against the big spring and fall heavyweights. *grins* I know.

Mark Henry said…
She absolutely was in Murder Most Horrid, and the Vicar of Dibley (love). I wish I knew her.

Thanks, too. I think it's probably good timing.