Your Spoilers Can Kiss My Ace!

It's 3 days away now, and I'm thinking I'm going internet free Friday afternoon, and won't be back until I've finished the book. It's the only way to be sure*. Anyhow, I swiped this nifty Snape charm from Samaside. There's different one's there, too.

And, all of this in response to several leaks of the book flopping around. Just last night before I drifted off, I hear about the guy who found the photographed pages of the book. Click. That was the end of TV. Does it seem drastic? Paranoid? Insane, even? So be it. But with 6 books down I won't have the ending of the last one f**ked up.

Oh, yeah, the phones will be shut off, too.

*geeky Aliens reference.