I'm So Lucky Cuz...

Thursday night, we went to sleep with the door unlocked. When I told Caroline, she said, "Eew creepy, someone could have been standing over our bed with a paperclip."

Right? See?

Who else is gonna pull a Student Bodies reference out of their ass? The kicker, I told her last night, after midnight. Saturday the 14th (Jamie Lee Curtis's Birthday). Holy Shit!

The whole incident made me want to go out today and track down a pair of horsehead bookends, hip waders, and a Costco size supply of garbage bags.


Joe said…
More '80s horror video box art, please.

I am insatiable in that department.
Joe said…
Oh yeah, and I'm digging the new look. What is it with you and mouths?
Mark Henry said…
Thanks, I like it, too. As for my oral fixation, what can I say? Selfish Mommy took away the nipple too soon. Now, I can't have a decent pen, the caps are splayed like angry krackens. Bad Mommy! Bad!
Anonymous said…
Jamie-Lee Curtis and I share the same birthday? Cool!

Have a lovely day! :-)
Mark Henry said…
Hi Erin,

No. No. Jamie Lee Curtis was born on November 22nd. Saturday the 14th is a joke from the movie.

Feel free to swing by again.