Do I Look Like Mother Teresa?

Yesterday, my editor and I were gushing over Heathers, 'cause...well, it's only the best teen murder-suicide comedy ever. And, probably one of the best dark comedies ever scripted. Here's a clip. Lunchtime poll, because I couldn't find Heather #1's funeral scene.

Because that's not enough ha-ha, here's a clip from my second favorite dark comedy, Freeway. Careful with this one, despite your preformed opinions about America's sweetheart, Reese Witherspoon knows how to sling the F-bomb.




I found it.

I first saw Heathers in the theater (Capital Hill, Seattle), so long ago. Here's what will seriously date me: after the movie, my friend and I walked out to the car and I realized I left my car stereo bag inside. Oops.


Heather Brewer said…
Heathers--one of my all time faves! Did you know there was a different ending originally? On the DVD you can read the original script.
Mark Henry said…
I've considered replacing my crinkly VHS copy for some time, now I have reason. Thanks Heather (#4).
Stacia said…
I love my dead gay son!

One of my favorite movies ever.
Mark Henry said…

I'm impressed with the correct usage of the word "myriad" in her suicide note.