Book Review: Snake Agent by Liz Williams

Holy Shit! Snake Agent, the first in Liz William's Inspector Detective Chen series is a f**king great read. Telling you what it's about is the hard part. You see, it's this amalgam of sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and pulp detective novel; Blade Runner meets House of the Flying Daggers by way of Hell. Sound pretty bad-ass? Well it is, with a cherry on top.

Here's the drill: we got demons, a Chinese vision of hell, magick, human computer hard drives, badgers that turn into cast iron teapots, and ghost whores. I shouldn't need to write another word, but I will. I was enthralled, especially when Detective Chen makes his decent into Hell. Great stuff.

Run to the bookstore, or, and this is a big "or" check out Nightshade Books' 50% off sale (Buy all 4 in the series, I am).

Next Book: Rant: An Oral Biography of Buster Casey by Chuck Palahniuk


clindsay said…
Oh, the whole series is just amazing. If you get a chance, try to read some of her other books - she published a lot of mass market originals through Bantam Spectra.

Who is publishing your book?
Mark Henry said…
Happy Hour and its two sequels are set for publication through Kensington.

March 2008. It still seems so far away.

As for Liz Williams, I'm going to be checking out all her stuff, as soon as I can.

Thanks for swingin' by, do it again.

Anonymous said…
Yes! I loved this book and must get the sequel. Nothing is quite like William's blend of the occult with SF, Myth and Police Procedural by way of Whackyland. I'm totally sold on Williams.
Mark Henry said…
Yeah...Williams is awesome, and pretty gracious. I had to send a fan email, 'cause I'm a geek. She was really great about my rambling.