Assorted and Sundry

In writing news, revisions on Happy Hour will be done this week. Yay! I've laid down the goth Nancy Drew draft for awhile. I think it needs a new perspective. What I am excited about is my middle grade novel about life in purgatory. Tentatively called Luisa Albuquerque and the Trouble with the Living. Thoughts?

We went to see 1408 yesterday, and despite some genuine scares, I was left with a general feeling of eh. They built tension like crazy, scared the crap out of me at one point, and then the ending fizzled a bit. It's still worth taking a peek. Don't let me stop you.

On Saturday we went to see Cain Lopez at the Comedy Underground. Not something we do much, I think this is maybe the third time I've been to a comedy show. He was pretty funny, I have to say. The two openers? Not so much. Or was it that I was irritated?

You see we went out for a friend's birthday, and because there was a large group of us (12) we couldn't get separate checks. Needless to say, there was an unidentifiable stiffer amongst us (or two), a dirty shameful stiffer. So, at dinner we ended up paying extra. This pisses me off a little bit. A lotta bit. When we got to the club again we're told no separate checks (I refrained from imbibing). At the end of the show, when the waitress came to collect on the tab, it happened again. We threw in a twenty for my wife's tab and a tip and darted, lest our bill double.

We're never going out with those people again, I assure you.