Oh shit. shit. shit. shit.

I guess the DSL's working 'cause I just read blackaire's journal entries and if they're accurate, I'm fucked. You see, I live near the military base she reports has been overrun by zombies. I don't hear the dead in the numbers she's described, at least not yet.

The other zombies are still outside, as far as I can tell. I've only snuck a few peeks from the office window. The last time I did, I wished I hadn't.

The neighbor girl, Alicia, Alice, oh shit I can't remember, I've never talked to her. Her face dragged on the left side, as though palsied, a thick rope of pink drool fell from her gaping mouth to her emerald green sweater vest. So, yeah, she looked normal. She rolled by in her electric wheelchair, serpentining down the middle of the road, jostling just out of reach of those dead hands.

I hope she makes it.

I hope I make it.


Anonymous said…
Mark Henry said…
uhhhhhh? uuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhh? eeeeehhhh?