Do People Still Sleep on Excelsior?

The news for today is Eli Roth (Cabin Fever, Hostel) is remaking The Bad Seed. Maybe, I'm late getting on this train, but I was excited. Here's why...

Unless you've been fried by Hollywood's magnifying glass, you should remember this li'l darlin':
Yep, that's Rhoda (played viciously by Patty McCormack), and if I'm not mistaken, in this scene she's making threats against the apartment handyman Leroy, or phonetically, le-Roy. Threats she follows through on. Rhoda is a horrifying piece of work. If you haven't seen the film, think Eddie Haskell if he f**ked Mrs. Cleaver and then burnt down the house with the whole family inside. I'm in heaven to think of the horrors that Eli Roth is going to channel through some poor child actress. If we're lucky, he could create another Linda Blair, or Sally Kirkland.

Just imagine the freakish possibilities.


Stacia said…
I LOVE The Bad Seed. What a great creepy movie!

What I think is funny is the spanking postscript. Apparently the test audiences didn't think being electrocuted was enough, they wanted to see Rhoda spanked!

I bet Roth changes the ending back to the original from the book.

(And speaking of Eddie Haskell, my verif is "Uncbieve".)
Mark Henry said…
I know! Spanking. As though Rhoda were some loveable scamp.

It's insane. I love it.