Lookie Here...

So, I went out to my mailbox, while the nachos were baking. Sauntering, cat-like, 'cause I'm full of wonder at the magic of creation, and by magic of creation, I do mean the first chapter of Road Trip just wrote itself.


What did I find inside, said postal box, you wonder?

Why it's Joe's new book (galley, ARC, whatever).

Might I just say, it's every bit the tasty treat he promised. But, now, I need a mint.

If only I'd read it first. Hmm.


Joe said…
Yes -- and as a member of the Joe Schreiber book club, you will continue to receive an original novel, each uniquely flavored, as a karmic doggy treat for every chapter of Road Trip that you write (or that writes itself, whichever comes first). Keep it or send it back for a new flavor but remember, it won't be long before you'll be in rehab.
Mark Henry said…
Eek! Rehab? Can I go to Promises Promises? You haven't made it until you've been to rehab.
Tez Miller said…
Great, now I have a craving for nachos and we've got no corn chips. This is not a good day.

Ooh, can I eat that book when you're done with it? ;-) And is Joe Schreiber related to Ellen Schreiber?

Have a lovely day! :-)
Mark Henry said…
I don't know. I'll bet he's into teen paranormal romance, though. Let's ask him.

Joe? This Australian writer--up hyar--has a question.

Are you lurking?
Joe said…
Actually, a woman named Ellen Schreiber is my stepmother. She's an anesthesiologist last seen in Prosser, Washington. Her interests include cockatoos, world music and margaritas. Bonus fact: she has been Australia.

Is any of this helpful?