Inspiration as Collage

If there's one question that comes up more than any other, whether I'm with friends, family, or complete strangers, it's this: where do your ideas come from? It's the same for all writers, I'm sure, and it's easy to give a rote answer. But, this question is immensely interesting. It asks about childhood experience, thought processes, and our specific interests (some of which we may not be willing to share).

The answer changes, too. From story to story, day to day.

Here's my answer, today, and only for Happy Hour of the Damned...

What's your answer?


Stacia said…
Man, I would be all over this project if I didn't have a house full of guests and a sick husband. How cool is that, what you did?
Mark Henry said…
It's only kinda cool.

Did you see what Diane did in response over at FFF? She's killin' me with her copycat creativity.

I think I'm going to stalk her.