The garage sale kicked my ass. We sold nearly everything of ours, including the living room furniture, which, mind you, we never used. What didn't sell went straight to the Goodwill or a nearby construction dumpster (I'm not proud).

Now, there's a big vacancy in the front of our house that an aging oriental carpet isn't exactly filling. We'll spend twice to three times as much as we earned replacing what was sold. In hindsight, the choice seems a tad rash. Ah, well. It's the circle of life, or the circle of American consumerism, or whatever.

The bonus is this: I got the big idea over the weekend (and I can assure you it was not inspired by the piece of crap Silver Surfer movie, which was actually better than the first, but nonetheless, a pile of doodybubbles).

Where was I? Oh yeah, BIG IDEA.

I've got the opening of Road Trip of the Living Dead pounding against my skull, and I'm ecstatic. Zombies, plastic lawn chairs, ghosts playing poker, and a platinum package vampire transformation, all at cut rate pricing.

I'm off to type.


Anonymous said…
Useless fact: I used to work at Goodwill (as a vocation counselor).

Anyway, the BI sounds exciting. Can't wait to read it!


ps will your agent definitely shop BI, or does he have to approve it first?

pps Did I mention I watched SLITHER this past weekend? I really enjoyed it, for what it was. I actually thought some of the ideas and certain scenes were pretty disturbing.
Mark Henry said…
Hey Heather,

The BI (that's big idea, not bowel irritability, for once) is already sold. The BI is going into the sequel to Happy Hour of the Damned. My style is to cram a chapter full of so much weird shit, it almost stands alone as a short story. Then the stories magically intertwine, somehow while I'm sleeping (I'm thinking it's elves).

My struggle has been that the first sentence, chapter, third of the book, must pop off the page, or I'm just churning out crap.

The BI is the key to open the floodgates of my fiction, it assures me a good start and now, it'll pour out into the laptop.

But enough writer talk. Slither rocked, so funny and gross. Now, I want to watch it again.

See ya.
Mark Henry said…
Sorry Heather,

That really didn't answer your question. If the big idea was for something I wasn't contracted for, my agent would have to agree it was marketable product.

Let's say I had a few chapters of a certain Goth Nancy Drew book I've been working on tentatively titled Most Likely to Dismember. I'd send them off to Jim (said agent) and he might respond: "Yeah, I liked the detail and the scenes, but your main character is not exactly sympathetic enough."

That means start over. This is, of course, a transcript of last month's correspondence with my agent.

So...No, he won't automatically shop something until I've become consistent.
Anonymous said…
>That means start over. This is, of course, a transcript of last month's correspondence with my agent.


I understand about the BI now. cool.

My only problem with Slither is I can't get that song out of my know, the one that goes "You're every woman in the world to me..."

Eek! Somebody please stop the madness.

But like I told my husband, the movie made the song kind of cool, so that's why I keep humming it, I think.

Mark Henry said…
There's only one cure for the cheesy song brain loop, and that's replacement. Try this...







ad infinitum. If that doesn't work try it wearing floppy muppet hair and drinking a Dr. Pepper.