A Quick Ray of Sunlight into my Otherwise Dreary Blog

Boise, Idaho is surprisingly adrift in trendy restaurant choices. We found this out as we've run out of clean clothing (this will be discussed at length on my next post: The Official Road Trip Rant) and would sooner check into the nearest homeless shelter than waste time at a laudromat. So we drove around Caucasia and found a mall.


Clothing acquired, we found ourselves surrounded by Cheesecake Factories, PF Changs and the occasional Fuddruckers (oddly coinciding with the appearance of DRFUDGE in his big blue truck, a proctologist we decided, after much debate on the brown).

Check back in on Wednesday, I have pictures (but sadly none of DRFUDGE)…


Anonymous said…
"Caucasia" (*chortle*)

btw, if you're traveling to Iowa, Iowa City is pretty cool. At least it was during a roadtrip I took with my husband seven or eight years ago. Just a thought. I really haven't looked at a map lately, so I can't remember how close or far Iowa is to Idaho. (I would so not be able to pass the exit exam).