Cody's Got the Wi-Fi

Eight hours of driving today from Rapid City, SD to Cody, Wy. Why so long? Two words: old map. Seems our road atlas wanted us to be killed ala Chainsaw Massacre.

They thought they were taking a shortcut, they should have known they were in danger when the highway turned to dirt road, and two lanes turned into one. But no…

Twelve miles on a dirt road, people! Nothing as far as the eye could see.


(pictures when we get back, if we get back)


Anonymous said…
You're lucky you didnt stumble into Wrong Turn.
Mark Henry said…
Or Rest Stop…oh wait, there weren't any and that movie sucked. We could have been sucked.
Joe said…
Rest Stop COMPLETELY sucked. And I watched it alone in the basement of a hospital at three AM -- if a horror movie doesn't scare you then, you're watching a comedy.

I recall kind of liking Wrong Turn, though. In an 81-minutes-of-pretty-forgetability kind of way.

Currently reading: Sharp Objects. (finally)
Mark Henry said…
We love the cutters.